WertiFY Accurate Domain and Website Appraisals

While we strive to be as accurate as possible, our system provides ONLY a rough estimate of your sites worth. While we do factor in many aspects when calculating an estimated worth, our algorithm DOES NOTconsider crucial things such as profitability of your niche or current market forces driving sales upward or downward with respect to the final site sales. As a result, you should always  perform your own estimate of worth and evaluate what similar sites have sold for in your specific niche before negotiating the sale of your site and domain name. The best indicator of how much your site is worth is how much someone would be willing to pay for it. Look for other sites just like yours that have sold and use that information to price your site accordingly. Always do your research before selling your site to make sure your sale price is fair in the current market.

Recently Analyzed Alexa Pagerank Worth Updated
bezbiku.info 3,620,644 $ 240.00 4 days ago
marketsmaster.org 593,155 $ 1,200.00 4 days ago
indiagovjobs.com 15,099,113 $ 8.95 2 weeks ago
challengermode.com 107,024 $ 64,200.00 2 weeks ago
tournois-legend.com 789,317 $ 960.00 2 weeks ago
ggwp.id 13,568 $ 612,720.00 2 weeks ago
dota2indonesiatv.com 14,125,433 $ 8.95 2 weeks ago
infotourney.com 2,139,320 $ 240.00 2 weeks ago
faceit.com 4,627 $ 1,909,440.00 2 weeks ago
hasagi.gg 260,419 $ 19,440.00 2 weeks ago